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Declining Salmon Runs Killing BC tourism and sportfishing.

Large commercial fish farms are being blamed for rapidly crashing stocks of wild salmon in British Columbia Canada.

In one spawning area, Glendale Creek, the numbers of returning salmon have dropped from 264,000 last year, to only 19,000 this year. This represents a decline of about 93% in just one year. These declines are not only occuring on Glendale Creek, but are unfortunately indicative of patterns in many other area spawning grounds.

Salmon are a keystone of the area ecosystem and without salmon to feed on, Bears and even Killer whales are suffering. Area tourism is built on wild outdoors experiences and sportfishing. With starving bears, no killer whales to be found, and minimal salmon to catch area tourism based businesses are in trouble.

Hearing about this stuff makes me really happy that commercial salmon farms are not alloud in Alaska. Alaskan’s can look to this example and recognise why it is so important to protect our wild salmon stocks.

Here is an article from a Canadian newspaper with details News Article.


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