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Tiny Halibut gets Fisherman $10,000 payday in Homer, AK.

For anyone who does not know about it the Homer Alaska Halibut Fishing Derby is about the coolest thing ever.

Everyone buys a ticket and goes fishing over a period of time, you do NOT have to be a professional, ANYONE can enter. Basically what happens is this, the top five people with the largest Halibut win BIG money. Also and I think that this is really fun, they catch, mark, and release a few halibut before the derby begins.

If you are lucky enough to catch one of these special tagged halibut you win a ton of money regardless of the size of the fish. That happed this year to one lucky guy named Mike from Oregon.


His Halibut was only 8 pounds… we are talking about one tiny fish here, especialy by Homer Alaska Halibut standards.

Still he won $10,000. Not bad income for a day spent fishing.

What do you think?


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