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Can’t wait to go up to the Kenai River for a Fishing Trip!

I truly can’t wait. I have decided to head up to the Kenai to go fishing this summer. Kenai Fishing is about as good as it gets. Big King Salmon, luxurious lodges, and typically nice weather.

I really enjoy the taste of fresh King Salmon on the grill, so my main goal is obviously to take home a king, but the nice thing about these kinds of trips is that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of working every time! There is something to be said about long summer days, relaxing in cool but not too cold weather. Spending nights by the wood stove, and days on the river. Its peaceful. Its just what I should be doing. Fishing in Alaska is about as good as it gets… and I get to go back!

Oh yeah that reminds me… sadly I left Alaska due to work needs, but my goal is to come back. One day I will be back up in Alaska permanently to live a peaceful, fishing based life. Maybe one day 🙂 Hopefully soon!


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Great place to find Vacation Rentals in Haines Alaska

So I love to travel to go fishing, and one of my favorite places to visit is Haines, Alaska.  Lets just say the motels in town are not always known for generous room sizes, so when I visit Haines I usually like to rent a house or cabin for me and my fishing buddies.

Its always has been a pain to try to find places through word of mouth, so I am excited that a new site is coming up that will list vacation rentals in an easy to find way. When you are looking for Rentals in Haines Alaska I suggest you check out www.hainesrentals.com. The site is still under development, so there is not a lot of listings yet, but I have heard from my friends in town that it is going to be a popular service for homeowners looking to rent out their place.

Good luck, and tight lines.

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