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Salmon and Halibut Fishing Season is Over, time for Crabs.

So for the most part the Salmon and Halibut fishing for this year is wrapping up or finished at many area streams. I hope that everyone had as much fun out fishing on the water as I did.

Its getting colder and for many people that means CRABS… one of the things I love about Alaska is the ability to set a crab pot, bait it, let it soak, and then return to a little trap full of delicious crabs just waiting for you to haul it up. What are your favorite crab baits? I find that almost any dead fish do the trick, but sometimes one outproduces the other. Pink Salmon are a favorite of mine due to their ready availibility.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy this colder time of year.



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You can filet Salmon and other fish fast with the right tools.

There is no doubt that there is a certain amount of technique required to quickly make boneless filets from the big Silver Salmon, or King Salmon, Halibut, or other fish you just caught.

That being said the right tools make all the difference. Lets start out with the knife. A good filet knife is a combination of sharpness, strength, and flexibility. The knife needs to be strong enough to push through the flesh of the Salmon along the backbone. It also needs to be sharp, and hold its edge well, so that you can glide the knife through the fish instead of having to saw through it. Lastly is flexibility, you want a knife with a little bend in it, so that you can skin your filets and glide the knife down the backbone without your hand and knuckles grinding along the table like some kind of caveman.

One knife is used more than just about any other by fishermen here in Alaska, including the comercial guys, is the white handled Dexter-Russell Filet Knife.

Great Filet Knife for Salmon

Great Filet Knife for Salmon

This knife has a great combination of what we talked about before, holds and edge well, has a great handle with excellent grip, and cleans up super easily.

Another problem for fishermen is how do you get out those pesky pin bones without losing a buch of the meat. One popular solution is needle-nose pliers. Make sure they are clean and do not use the pair from your shop. A better solution might suprise you.

They are called needle holders, or sometimes needle drivers. It is a surgical tool used by doctors and dentists to suture wounds in tight spaces.

The right tool to take out pinbones.

The right tool to take out pinbones.

Why are these so much better then pliers? They lock in place, they do not slip, and they let you pull out bone after bone without having to repeatedly clean off the tip. You can pick up pairs of these surgical tools inexpensively online, and impress your freinds while the struggle with pliers.

Good Luck fishing and Tight Lines to you. For more information on Fishing in Alaska be sure to subscribe and read this blog regularly.

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Great Salmon Recipe, Jerk Grilled Salmon

I have a great recipe to share for Salmon. This is a personal adaptation to an island favorite.

Jerk is a popular preperation for Chicken, Pork, Goat, and Fish in the Islands, it goes back many years to a time before refridgeration when Jamaican locals would store there meats with salt and spicy peppers to prevent spoiling. The unique Island flavors combine to make a sweet, savory, and spicy blend that has to be tasted and experienced.

There are some store brand premade Jerk seasonings. Some of these are quite good, while others do not have as much flavor. Below is a recipe to make your own from scratch.

To make the spice rub combine the following ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2 parts dried onion
2 parts ground allspice
2 parts dried thyme
1/2 part ground cinnamon
1 part cayenne pepper or scotch bonnet pepper
2 parts Brown Sugar 
1 part salt
2 parts FRESH ground black pepper
4 parts vegetable oil

After mixing alow spice blend to sit in the refridgerator for at least an hour to allow the oils and flavors to mingle.

Rub generously on the top (meat) side of WILD Sockeye, King, or Coho Salmon filets. Farmed atlantic salmon is disgusting, inferior, and an ecological disaster. Promise me you will NEVER buy farmed salmon.

Place on a hot oiled grill, preferably with wood chips for smoke, skin side down and close the lid.

Grill with indirect heat and smoke, on low, until meat is just cooked thoroughly. DO NOT overcook the salmon.

As you pull the salmon off the grill you can seperate the meat from the skin. Let it rest on a plate for a few mins before serving it.

Possible side items include rice, vegetables, hard bread rolls, and a cool crisp salad.


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Alaska Salmon Fishing

So the other day I went fishing for Silver Salmon (AKA Coho) in a river just down the road from where I live.

I was fishing with a red pixie on a spinning rod. Once the tide started coming in I caught my Limit. It was a really good day to be out on the river.

I often find whether I catch fish or not, it is really just being able to be out on the water that really matters.

I hope that everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy the river at least one more time before the REAL winter gets here.

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