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Can’t wait to go up to the Kenai River for a Fishing Trip!

I truly can’t wait. I have decided to head up to the Kenai to go fishing this summer. Kenai Fishing is about as good as it gets. Big King Salmon, luxurious lodges, and typically nice weather.

I really enjoy the taste of fresh King Salmon on the grill, so my main goal is obviously to take home a king, but the nice thing about these kinds of trips is that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of working every time! There is something to be said about long summer days, relaxing in cool but not too cold weather. Spending nights by the wood stove, and days on the river. Its peaceful. Its just what I should be doing. Fishing in Alaska is about as good as it gets… and I get to go back!

Oh yeah that reminds me… sadly I left Alaska due to work needs, but my goal is to come back. One day I will be back up in Alaska permanently to live a peaceful, fishing based life. Maybe one day 🙂 Hopefully soon!


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Silver Salmon Lure Selection

When fishing for Silver Salmon in Alaska’s rivers, lure selection can make a big difference. In many parts of Alaska spoons are one of the most popular lure options. Pixie/Pixee spoons are the most common. Blue Fox brand Pixee spoons come in a wide variety of colors.

From my experience silver and red as well as gold and red are the most productive patterns. That being said it is always a good idea to have a variety in the tackle box. A snap swivel will allow quick lure changes, darker colors are often more productive in cloudy water, and if visability is really low, rattling spoons can also do well.

Another popular choice is spinners. Small spinners such as Rooster Tail’s or Vibrax can be very productive.

Finally, but certainly not least is Flies. Fly Fishing can be very productive for Silvers. Bright Flies, in shades of red an orange do well, as do pinks. Be sure that you are fishing sinking flies as surface strikes from spawning salmon are rare.

I hope that you get a chance to get out on a river this season while the Coho are still running. Enjoy your time.

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Sarah Palin loves Alaska Fishing

So what can I say, I love Sarah Palin. This is a governor and now VP candidate who used to work as a commercial fisherwoman. She hunts, She goes fishing in Alaska, and she is an A+ Mom. Here is an article on her in Wikipedia.


She is just amazing. Some like her, some hate her, and some want to take down her hair and take her on the tundra (hunting  on the tundra of course).

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Alaskan Salmon Fishing in Southeast Alaska

So I still remember the first time I ever went Salmon Fishing on the Chilkoot River just outside Haines Alaska. It was a beautiful day and the Coho were in the river.

I had gone to the local bait shop/grocery store/clothing store/gun shop (Real Alaska one stop shopping) at a place known in town as Oleruds. I asked the guy behind the counter what people were using on the river, and he told me that everyone was fishing pixies. I grabbed about 5 in three different color combinations and headed out.

Unlike fishing for salmon in southcentral alaska, where it is known as combat fishing, here in Haines there were only a couple other people on the river. I tossed in my Pixie and let it almost bounce along the bottom with the current as I brought it in. Within a few casts I had a hit.

The fast and acrobatic Silver Salmon charged up river taking line while making huge leaps out of the water. After a good fight he was on shore and I was able to pop a gill to bleed him out, put him on a stringer and go for more food.

By the end of the silver run that year my freezer was stocked with beautiful fresh fish. Because I was fishng only a mile or so from salt water the silvers I got still looked pretty much like ocean fish and had not turned to dark or gotten spawned out.

After a day of Great Salmon Fishing fishing it was nice to head back to the little town I lived in to relax and enjoy the fresh air. I was glad I had moved to Haines, what a beautiful place, and what a perfect lifestyle.

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Learn the Basics of Alaska Fishing

So I have had a few friends ask me some entry level stuff about fishing in the Great AK. As a service to my non-existant readers I figured that I would give you guys a link to a great site that I found.

Salmon Fishing, Halibut Fishing, How to Pick out a Fishing Guide, Its all Covered. There are also individual pages on the five different species of Salmon that swim in Alaska.

There are small informative sections that talk about what baits to use and what techniques work best.

Here is the site: AK Fishing

I hope that it helps you learn some new things.

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