Fishing in Petersburg Alaska for big Salmon and Halibut

I like to call it the Alaskan Double, King Salmon and Halibut on one trip out on the water. Fishing In Petersburg Alaska earlier this year I made it happen, although it was on accident.

While Trolling for King Salmon we had a few baits at different depths. One bait was running pretty deep and, as sometimes happens, a halibut came up off the bottom and took the herring. After finding the depth the fish were sitting at we were able to get a few nice Kings in the boat as well. We even ended up with one suprise Coho Salmon, they are usually not in the area at this time of year.

Petersburg Alaska is a very nice place to visit. It has a unique Scandinavian feel and is one of the most “Alaskan” small towns in Alaska.

City of Petersburg Alaska


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Salmon and Halibut Fishing Season is Over, time for Crabs.

So for the most part the Salmon and Halibut fishing for this year is wrapping up or finished at many area streams. I hope that everyone had as much fun out fishing on the water as I did.

Its getting colder and for many people that means CRABS… one of the things I love about Alaska is the ability to set a crab pot, bait it, let it soak, and then return to a little trap full of delicious crabs just waiting for you to haul it up. What are your favorite crab baits? I find that almost any dead fish do the trick, but sometimes one outproduces the other. Pink Salmon are a favorite of mine due to their ready availibility.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy this colder time of year.


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Salmon Fishing – Spoons and Spinners for Silvers

So I have decided that my aboslute favorite lure for Silver Salmon Fishing is the Vibrax Spinner, followed by the Pixee Spoon. Both are made by Blue Fox.

When fishing for Coho spinners and spoons can be used in rivers as well as in saltwater. Look for a school of coho, motor over to them, and start catching fish. You can literally limit out in no time at all.

Another great thing about spinners are the ease of use. Tie on a snap swivel, click in the spinner, cast and reel it in. If you are new to fishing for Salmon in Alaska, try spoons and spinners first. You will not be dissappointed.

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Halibut Recipe – Thai Halibut Curry

As you know I am a big fan of bringing exotic recipes to the subsistance fish that we all have stocked in our freezers. As good as fish and chips, smoked salmon, and baked halibut are every once in a while we need a change of pace.

This is a personal adaptation to a Thai favorite. A simple preperation with great ingredients that yeilds a healthy and flavorful meal sure to please everyone.

Thai Halibut Curry 

2 Pounds Skinless Halibut Filet (cut into portions
1 Tablespoon Canola Oil
1 Cup Diced Shallots (onion can be substituted)
3 Tablespoons Red Curry Paste
1 Cup Coconut Milk
2 Cups of Fish Stock (Chicken Stock could be substituted)
1/2 cup of Cilantro (Chopped)
1/4 cup Basil Leaves (Chopped)
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
1 Lime
Scallions for Garnish
Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to Season
Rice or Rice Noodles

Saute Shallots in the Canola Oil over medium heat until they start to turn soft and golden. Add in Fish Stock, Curry Paste, Coconut Milk, and Peanut Butter. Simmer for about 5-8 Minutes until Sauce reduces and starts to thicken slightly.

Lightly season the Halibut Portions with Salt and Ground Black Pepper. Place the Halibut in the pan with the sauce and spoon the saucce over the halibut so it is completely covered. Cover and cook for about 5-8 minutes until Halibut just flakes. Do NOT Overcook the Halibut.

Place some rice or noodles on a plate and sprinkle with the basil. Place the Halibut Portion over the rice. Add the Cilantro to the sauce and allow it to wilt. Squeeze a sprinkle of Lime Juice over the Halibut and then spoon the sauce over the fish and rice or pasta. Garnish with Scallions and Fresh Black Pepper.

Enjoy. This is a favorite in my family and I hope that you love it as well.

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Declining Salmon Runs Killing BC tourism and sportfishing.

Large commercial fish farms are being blamed for rapidly crashing stocks of wild salmon in British Columbia Canada.

In one spawning area, Glendale Creek, the numbers of returning salmon have dropped from 264,000 last year, to only 19,000 this year. This represents a decline of about 93% in just one year. These declines are not only occuring on Glendale Creek, but are unfortunately indicative of patterns in many other area spawning grounds.

Salmon are a keystone of the area ecosystem and without salmon to feed on, Bears and even Killer whales are suffering. Area tourism is built on wild outdoors experiences and sportfishing. With starving bears, no killer whales to be found, and minimal salmon to catch area tourism based businesses are in trouble.

Hearing about this stuff makes me really happy that commercial salmon farms are not alloud in Alaska. Alaskan’s can look to this example and recognise why it is so important to protect our wild salmon stocks.

Here is an article from a Canadian newspaper with details News Article.

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Bears in my fishing spot, 10 things to stay safe.

So I was targeting some Silver Salmon on the incoming tide the other day at a local river. The rivers I fish are also popular with bears, and there was signs of alot of bear activity in the area. It is important to follow some basic guidelines with fishing in an area popular with bears. I came up with my own list of 10 things I figure would be good to do, when fishing in a bear prone area.

1. Fish with friends. Bears are less likely to approach a group, more eyes mean better awareness, and a friend can help if a dangeous situation occurs.

2. Carry protection. Bear spray is a good deterrant, but I would not want to be in wild bear country without a firearm as well, just incase. Make sure it is a weapon with enough stopping power, this is not a time to carry a .22 or .30 pistol. Think BIG, shotgun with slugs, high power hunting rifles, large caliber high powered handguns.

3. CARRY the protection. A gun or can of spray in the car will do you no good in many situations, If you can not get to it within a second or two it may be too late.

4. Keep your area clean and keep your fish in the water or a closed airtight cooler. Bears have a great sense of smell. If you cut a gill and bleed your fish in a shady spot in the water or place it in an airtight cooler you are much less likely to put out the scent of FISH FEAST, which will attract area bears right to your spot.

5. Don’t leave open food containers lying around. This goes right along with #4, you should avoid doing things that will attract bears to your area.

6. Be aware of your surroundings. You don’t want a bear suprising you, and you do not want to suprise the bear. Use your eyes and ears, scan the shoreline in both directions, look on the other bank and watch and listen behind you.

7. Make Noise. Make noise, talk in a loud voice, sing songs, and be sure that bears know you are there. Many times a bear will avoid humans, but in the rush to fatten up for winter some bears in the fall will still come to a river to feed when people are present so be careful.

8. If a bear approaches your area from a distance, try to move (not run) away if you can. If a bear is close, STAND YOUR GROUND. Never run away from a bear, because running could provoke a bears hunting and chasing instinct. If a bear is a good distance off though, and coming in your general direction moving away at a normal pace can often avoid bad bear contact. Be sure to take your gear and fish with you. If you leave fish behind that bear may begin to associate fishing activity with an easy meal.

9. Never harrass or feed bears. This should go without saying but there are some idiots out there.

10. Stand your ground and protect yourself if necessary. If a bear is focused on you, exibits agressive behavior, or is otherwise posing a threat STAND YOUR GROUND. Talk to the bear in a calm voice. If a bear continues to approach your area and gets close this is a good time to use bear spray or fire a warning shot at the ground or water infront of the bear. 

Guns should never be used to make up for foolish behavior in bear country. If you have to defend yourself with a firearm from an agressive or charging bear, shoot at the vital areas just as you would if you were hunting, this means CHEST (Heart and Lung) shots. Be sure to take multiple shots… a wounded bear is even more dangerous, and this is not the time to 2nd guess yourself or to be shy.

Any bear killed in defense of life or property has to be reported to the proper authorities. In Alaska, they will make you take the bears skull and hide and turn it in. This is to prevent people from illegally hunting bears or profiting by taking the valuable skull and hide, while claiming it was self defense.

Bear contacts that require defense are rare. You should always try to avoid contact with a bear if possible. By following and practicing bear safety, you should be able to avoid ever having to shoot a bear in defense.

Stay Safe, Stay Aware, and Tight Lines.

Other Pages of Interest: Salmon Fishing Information Alaskan Fishing Page | How to Choose a Fishing Guide | Department of Fish and Game

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Saltwater Silver Salmon Fishing in Sitka Alaska

September is a good time to target Silver Salmon / Coho Salmon in saltwater in the protected waters of Southeast Alaska near Sitka. Recently we were out trolling around in a secret honey hole when we came into a school.

We were trolling herring, and as is typical when you get into a feeding school, there were times when we had multiple fish on at the same time. A good trick to targeting Coho Salmon is to change up the depth by having baits at different depths until you find the fish. Then quickly adjust your other rigs to match the depths of the ones that were on the fish.

On our first double hookup we got one of the fish in the boat and lost the other. We re-rigged and went back to troll through the school again. On the 3rd pass we had hit the right speed and depth and we got another double hookup. This time we landed both fish.

It was a really fun day on the water. Take some time off and get out fishing before its winter and all you can do is sit in an ice hut.

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