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Steve’s Blog, The Wiquer Kingdom

So my buddy steve has a blog he has been working on for a while. You should check it out.

It basically the world according to Steve. Good reading, and he makes some good points.


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Big Halibut on Video… This is a true Alaskan Giant

This is a video I saw with a HUGE halibut… Had to share.

I am not going to make any statements on the politics of keeping large halibut, nor on the science that shows large halibut may not be any more prolific breeders than midsize halibut. Personally I do not even like the taste of the big girls… when I am meat fishing, I only keep Halibut under 50 lbs and if I by chance I hook into a giant, I safely release it whenever I can.

This is not me in the vid, but I hope you like it the same.

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Fishing in Petersburg Alaska for big Salmon and Halibut

I like to call it the Alaskan Double, King Salmon and Halibut on one trip out on the water. Fishing In Petersburg Alaska earlier this year I made it happen, although it was on accident.

While Trolling for King Salmon we had a few baits at different depths. One bait was running pretty deep and, as sometimes happens, a halibut came up off the bottom and took the herring. After finding the depth the fish were sitting at we were able to get a few nice Kings in the boat as well. We even ended up with one suprise Coho Salmon, they are usually not in the area at this time of year.

Petersburg Alaska is a very nice place to visit. It has a unique Scandinavian feel and is one of the most “Alaskan” small towns in Alaska.

City of Petersburg Alaska

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