Salmon Fishing – Spoons and Spinners for Silvers

So I have decided that my aboslute favorite lure for Silver Salmon Fishing is the Vibrax Spinner, followed by the Pixee Spoon. Both are made by Blue Fox.

When fishing for Coho spinners and spoons can be used in rivers as well as in saltwater. Look for a school of coho, motor over to them, and start catching fish. You can literally limit out in no time at all.

Another great thing about spinners are the ease of use. Tie on a snap swivel, click in the spinner, cast and reel it in. If you are new to fishing for Salmon in Alaska, try spoons and spinners first. You will not be dissappointed.


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One response to “Salmon Fishing – Spoons and Spinners for Silvers

  1. akfishingguy

    I would go with larger sizes like 3/8th and up because of the currents and depth. I also find that sometimes it helps if I add a little more weight on up the line from the spinner by the swivel if I am trying to get a steady retreive at depth.

    As far as colors I like to use metalalics in saltwater because I feel that they best imitate the natural prey the Salmon would be going after. In freshwater many strikes you get are not because they salmon are actively feeding, so brighter un-natural colors can work better.

    Redish colors with silver spinners also can produce in Saltwater because it can look a little like a bleeding baitfish and might be more visable in silty water conditions.

    If you are trolling I feel nothing outperforms good cutbait. Sometimes I like to rig them to spin in different directions on 2 different poles. Sometimes the bait with the backwards spin produces when the others will not… plus it just gives the fish something else to look at.

    I use treble hooks in any body of water if I am meat fishing and there are no regulations forbidding them, for catch and release days I like the single hook because it is easier to remove without causing the fish harm.

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