Great Salmon Recipe, Jerk Grilled Salmon

I have a great recipe to share for Salmon. This is a personal adaptation to an island favorite.

Jerk is a popular preperation for Chicken, Pork, Goat, and Fish in the Islands, it goes back many years to a time before refridgeration when Jamaican locals would store there meats with salt and spicy peppers to prevent spoiling. The unique Island flavors combine to make a sweet, savory, and spicy blend that has to be tasted and experienced.

There are some store brand premade Jerk seasonings. Some of these are quite good, while others do not have as much flavor. Below is a recipe to make your own from scratch.

To make the spice rub combine the following ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2 parts dried onion
2 parts ground allspice
2 parts dried thyme
1/2 part ground cinnamon
1 part cayenne pepper or scotch bonnet pepper
2 parts Brown Sugar 
1 part salt
2 parts FRESH ground black pepper
4 parts vegetable oil

After mixing alow spice blend to sit in the refridgerator for at least an hour to allow the oils and flavors to mingle.

Rub generously on the top (meat) side of WILD Sockeye, King, or Coho Salmon filets. Farmed atlantic salmon is disgusting, inferior, and an ecological disaster. Promise me you will NEVER buy farmed salmon.

Place on a hot oiled grill, preferably with wood chips for smoke, skin side down and close the lid.

Grill with indirect heat and smoke, on low, until meat is just cooked thoroughly. DO NOT overcook the salmon.

As you pull the salmon off the grill you can seperate the meat from the skin. Let it rest on a plate for a few mins before serving it.

Possible side items include rice, vegetables, hard bread rolls, and a cool crisp salad.



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